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Focus On The Masters Saturday Artist Spotlight Series
Sylvia Torres was featured on the Saturday Artist Spotlight Series, the video-taped interview series from Focus On The Masters, with Founder and Executive Director, Donna Granata on August 14, 2010.

The Saturday Artist Spotlight Series documents many contemporary artists who live and/or work in the Ventura County of California. Their goal is to demonstrate the importance of the arts to society by bringing highly accomplished artists to the forefront of the community. Focus On The Masters objectives are first, to demonstrate the full significance of these extraordinary people and their work through museum quality photography, personal interviews and biographical research which encompasses the artist’s experiences, artistic thought and development.
A second objective is to utilize our ever growing resources for the benefit of both the artists and the public at large through educational outreach, lecture series, the Creative Center, and regular exhibitions and quarterly newsletters.

Art Scene Exhibition Review
Earthly Meditations Exhibition Review by Daniella Walsh
Marion Meyer Contemporary Art, Laguna Beach, CA

Encaustic as an art medium dates back to ancient Greece and yet, over the centuries it has never lost its luster. Numerous contemporary artists have embraced it for its versatility and ability to give even the most basic composition complexity and depth. One such experimenter is Sylvia Torres, whose current works are exhibited under the collective title Earthly Meditations. As this title implies, Torres gives forms found in nature new life by transposing them into paintings that bear only scant resemblance to traditional landscapes.

A subtle, for the most part dark but still luminous palette coupled with rich layers of medium plus collage, suggest a painting within the painting. This produces compositions that might be called landscapes of the mind. For example, the aptly titled Genesis, suggests a universe before the onset of light. The diptych Meditative Reflection, on the other hand, is a multi-layered study of pale colors and meditative forms. Faint text adds to what one might perceive as an otherworldly atmosphere.

Resplendent Earth somewhat resembles Genesis, except that Torres has added several layered graphic elements that give the painting, even though it is abstract, a sense of perspective and depth.

Red Meditation, as the name implies, is painted in a predominantly red palette with a few earth tones interspersed to soften what would otherwise strike one as an inferno of color. As in much of this particular series, Red Meditation also contains Torres’ signature meditative objects, such as an allusion to earth or other planets.

Torres describes the process of adding, carving and subtracting layers of encaustic as meditative. If you take the time to really study these paintings you are likely to connect to the meditations of this promising artist.

Reprinted with permission from ARTSCENE
The Monthly Digest to Art In Southern California

Book: Earthly Meditations
Earthly Meditations, a body of work of abstracted landscapes in the encaustic medium, an exhibition at Marion Meyer Contemporary Art in Laguna Beach, California.

There is great concern for what mankind has done to injure earth. Some say man is the destroyer. Others say earth’s warming is a recurring cycle of nature. Whether man becomes the victim of his own pollution and exploitations, or whether earth is dancing to her own internal rhythms, the earth will go on. Whether mankind does or not.

Interested in learning to paint with encaustic?
Sylvia Torres teaches two-day private, or semiprivate hands-on workshops. Paints, brushes, substrates and equipment all provided during the workshop. Painting with encaustic requires equipment, paint and materials not readily available in art stores. These techniques best learned by active participation rather than by books. This is the perfect opportunity for you to experience the process, the materials and the equipment.



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